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Sapporo Premium

Very crisp, clean and refreshing beer that has a hoppier aroma with a sweeter taste and smooth finish
12 fl. oz./ 355 ml. ALC 4.9%

Asahi “Super Dry” Lager

A light-bodied lager brewed using malted barley, hops, and yeast and rice to give it a dry crisp taste and quick clean finish.
11.2 fl. oz./ 330 ml. ALC 5.2%

Koshikari Echigo

Clean, crisp and refreshing rice lager style beer that uses super premium short grain rice called Koshihikari.
11.8 fl. oz./ 350 ml. ALC 5%

Yoho “Sorry” Umami IPA

The 'umami' is extracted from Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and while it facilitates beer fermentation, it also adds beer refreshing and fruity tropical flavors. FYI this beer doesn't taste like fish!
11.8 fl. oz./ 350 ml ALC 6.5%

Yoho Nippon Citrus Yuzu & Salt Ale

Truly "Japanese beer" without being bound to the conventional beer styles and standard recipes. Uses "ara-jio" traditional Japanese sea salt & yuzu.
11.8 fl. oz./ 350 ml ALC 6.5%

Hitachino White Ale

It’s a refreshing mildly hopped witbier brewed with coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and fresh orange juice. Its citrusy, fruity-tart flavors make it a unique japanese interpretation of a beligian witbier style.
11.8 fl. oz/ 350 ml ALC 5.5%

Hitachino Japanese Classic Ale

Indian Pale Ale with a high alcohol beer using generous amounts of hops for a well proportioned bitterness and aroma.
12 fl. oz/355 ml ALC 7%

Hitachino Saison Du

Japanese interpretation of a traditional belgian style saison brewed with rice-koji and double-fermented by beer and sake yeast. This beer has a uniquely sweet flavour, natural acidity from the rice-koji and a hint of yuzu.
12 fl. oz/355 ml ALC 5%

Hitachino Yuzu Lager

Plentiful use of Japanese yuzu gives this beer a delicate yet deep citrus flavor. Enjoy the refreshing acidity from yuzu and the crispness of a lager.
350ml/ALC 5.6%

Hitachino Nipponia Pilsner

Pilsner brewed with Japanese ancient barley “Kaneko Golden” and “Sorachi Ace” hops which was developed in Japan.
11.2 fl. oz/330 ml ALC 6.5%

Hitachino Anbai Ale

Salty sour ale brewed with plums.
11.2 fl. oz/330 ml ALC 7.5%

Hitachino Dai Dai Ale IPA

Very unique brew with orange & mandarin, quite dry in the finish. Kiuchi Brewery uses a special, very rare type of orange called 'Fukure Mikan'.
11.2 fl. oz/330 ml ALC 6%

Hitachino Red Rice Ale

Brewed using red rice from ancient times. The rose pink color along with the fruity flavor and aroma.
11.2 fl. oz/330 ml ALC 7%

Kuri Kuro Dark Chestnut Ale

A beautiful Japanese dark ale brewed with chestnuts! Rich, warm, sweet, and full bodied.
11.2 fl. oz/330 ml ALC 9%

Kyoto IPA

This is a full bodied brew with a hoppy counterbalance that creates a refreshing flavor and clean finish. Highly fragrant with a citric nose and a diverse, balanced hops profile.
ALC 6.5% 11.15 fl oz

Kyoto Yamadanishiki Ale

This Japanese Ale is brewed using king of sake rice called Yamadanishiki only used for brewing high quality sake. It has a mild sake aroma with slight creamy finish.
ALC 5.2%/ 330ml

Kyoto Matcha IPA

This beer tastes exactly what it sounds like: Matcha IPA. A unique blend of matcha green tea and a Japanese style India Pale Ale, which is not as hoppy as a California IPA but is still high in alcohol content.
330ml/ALC 8.5%

Baeren Dortmunder Lager

This hoppy lager, with a distivice character and solid taste, offers a splendid balance of bitterness and rich flavor. Baeren's best selling beer got awarded best beer in Grand Prix of 2015.
330ml/ALC 6%

Baeren Weizen

Characterized by a rich banana-like aroma and opulent flavor derived of wheat malt. Low bitterness and well-rounded mellowness makes this traditional beer style popular with especially those who do not like hoppy taste of IPA.
330ml/ALC 5%

Yuzu Citrus Dopo

The light and refreshing Belgium White Ale featuring the sweet and irresistable aroma of the famous Japanese Yuzu citrus, with a hint of coriander in the finish.

Okayama Doppo Yuzu Ale

Japanese Ale brewed with Yuzu Juice and Yuzu peel


Funaguchi Nama Genshu

With a rich taste and honey tone, it's no wonder this sake has held constant popularity in Japan. Not being subjected to pasteurization or blending makes this sake viscous, and gives it a strong, full-bodied flavor to match its slightly higher than average alcohol content.
Flavor Profile: Rich & Sweet
180 ml ALC 19%

Kitaro Cup “Demon Boy”
Junmai Ginjo

With a unique nose of steamed rice, grains, and vanilla this sake has a very unique acidity and bitterness, but is still able to retain a well-balanced core and is very dry.
Flavor Profile: Rich & Dry
180 ml ALC 16%

Chika Sake Cup

Smooth and refreshing from start to finish. Light aroma of honey and sugarcane, layered with roasted almonds. The flavor profile has subtle hints of pear, grapefruit, aniseed and dark chocolate.
ALC 13.5% 200ml

Kuroushi Omachi “Black Bull”
Junmai Ginjo

Aroma of mandarin orange and lemon with a touch of soft green notes. On the palate, white peach white grape, nectarine, and a hint of mint melt together to create a complex layer of flavors. This sake has an elegant finish.
Flavor Profile: Light & Dry
180 ml ALC 16.5

Oyaji Cup “Eyeball Daddy”

Young and fresh with aroma of grapes and pears. A tannic, dry sake that is wonderfully balanced with Umami sweetness.
ALC 16% 180ml

Hakutsuru Tankei Junmai

Using the finest rice and pure natural spring water from Mount Rokko, it is fermented with Hakutsuru’s unique technique, “Keikai-tsukuri”. It is characterized by its smooth and semi-dry taste.
Alc 13.5% 180ml


Junmai Ginjo

Dry sharp and smooth with a slightly fruity nose with hints of citrus and persimmons.
Flavor Profile: Light & Dry
300 ml. ALC 15.0%

Tokubetsu Junmai

Thissake packs a dry, full-bodied taste with hints of plum.
Flavor Profile: Light & Dry
300 ml. ALC 15.5%

Hakutsuru “Sayuri”
Junmai Nigori

Unfiltered sake with a very light nose filled with lush cream cherry blossom and light fruit. Semi sweet palette with a very smooth finish.
Flavor Profile: Rich & Sweet
300 ml. ALC 12.5%


The flavor consists of balanced rice sweetness with some white and black pepper spice hidden in it. After the initial flavor sinks in, a refreshing umami lingers on the tongue.
Flavor Profile: Light & Dry
300ml ALC 15-16%

Asabiraka “Suijn”

This Dry and Frangrant sake has powerful flavor of rice and sharpness.
Flavor Profile: Dry & Fragrant
300ml ALC 17%

Shirakabegura Yamahai Junmai

This Junmai sake offers an excellent balance between fruity and savoury characteristics. The nuanced nose includes notes of Asian pear, sweet custard and ripe banana.
300ml ABV:15%

Kimoto Junmai

True to the brand, this sake is silky smooth, full-bodied and has a clean finish.
Flavor Profile: Rich & Dry
300 ml. ALC 15.5%


Fine sake with a sweet creamy essence and a light, delicate sweetness.
Flavor Profile: Light & Dry
300 ml. ALC 16%

Dassai 45
Junmai Daiginjo

A rich, structured and full flavored sake with elegant notes of rice and exotic fruits.
Flavor Profile: Light & Dry
300 ml. ALC 16%

Sparkling Sake “AWASHIZUKU”

A delightful sweet sparkling sake from the Kuichi Brewery, the makers of Hitachino Nest Beer. This is a junmaishusake, a style of pure rice wine that is not mixed with distilled alcohol, and during the mashing stage of production a little sour white koji.
300ml ABV: 12%

Michinoki Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer”

The name Onikoroshi, or “Demon Slayer”, signifies that the sake is dry enough to kill a demon. Light, Sharp and dry umami.
300ml ABV: 16.5%


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